Bert Deivert & Copperhead Run – Blood In My Eyes For You

A musician you should be familiar with

Bert Deivert has made a name for himself and is considered one of the world’s leading blues mandolinists. It would be easy to make light of mandolin her, but we should watch what we say. Yank Rachell for example, is a name mentioned with reverence by most. In this twelfth album release since he moved to Sweden in the Seventies, Deivert’s mandolin appears in an electric blues context that a few years ago would have been unheard of among purists. Together with Janne Zander playing various guitars, Per-Arne Petterson on bass, and Fredrik Lindholm on drum, we find Deivert plowing through a dozen songs where mandolin effortlessly takes the role of the leading solo instrument. In particular, there is a great interpretation of Son House’s “Death Letter Blues” that really stands out, but also contributions from the repertoire of Sleepy John Estes, Big Joe Williams, RL Burnside and Yank Rachell – besides Deivert’s own songs. This makes him a musician you should definitely find out about, in case you were not convinced the last time Deivert was reviewed in Blue News.

Jan Rustad