Hi folks,
Now my song Chased by Shadows is released on digital channels. Feels great! I am very proud of my fellow musicians, Christer Lyssarides, guitars, Björn Gideonsson, drums, and Hans Adamson, keyboards. The recording is produced by Hans Adamson, Los Angeles. There’s a story attached to the production of the song, see the following quote. It gave me tremendous high pulse for 24 hours. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the film but it led to this release which I’m happy for.
“We received “Chased by Shadows” only one day before completion of the movie. The director loved the song and wanted to use it in the end titles. The whole sound and music team worked around the clock to fit it in with the existing music, but there just wasn’t time to do a re-write of the existing score, which would have been necessary to transition to the song in a natural way. We were all disappointed.”
– Amanda Seward, Executive Producer, Beyond Deceit (a new Hollywood feature film, starring Josh Duhamel, Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino).

Listen to the song here on Spotify.

I hope you will enjoy the song!