Lunar Kafé (e-zine)

Mona Nylin has one hell of a voice and on this debut she uses it well. “The Berlin Song” is utterly gorgeous and her shiver-inducing voice is at its most affecting.

Rootstime magazine, Belgium

Bert Deivert plays his mandolin so masterfully that it sometimes seems that he was the musical partner of John Estes for years, instead of mandolin man (Yank) Rachell.

It is not unusual for a review to conclude with “go see them live,” but “Blood In My Eyes For You” captures Copperhead Run’s live essence so successfully that this time, I would actually advise you to start with the CD – which of course will only make you want to see them in concert so much more.

Keys and Chords

Bert Deivert latest, ‘Blood In My Eyes For You’ is dominated by the mandolin and that is definitely not a bad thing. A flat re-treaded song like “Baby Please Do not Go ‘ gets an absolutely fabulous arrangement so you think it’s a brand new song. It rocks all the through the track.