Philip Verhaege reviewed the album in Flemish and I got it translated to English. Here ya go!

Blood In My Eyes For You – Keys and Chords, Belgium
(translation from Flemish)
Since the renowned bluesman Reverend Peyton and his Big Damn Band threw himself into the work of Charley Patton, I have not objected to the fact that contemporary blues musicians put a scrub brush to old blues songs. Bert Deivert also falls into this category of musicians.

On his latest CD ‘Blood In My Eyes For You’ Bert Deivert turned to the work of Big Joe Williams, Son House, Paul “Wine” Jones, Yank Rachell, The Mississippi Sheiks, RL Burnside and especially Sleepy John Estes.
It is curious how many of these songs, whose original versions were often recorded with poor studio equipment, seem to come out shining from the bath, so that it becomes more apparent to us how wonderful these songs actually are.

Bert Deivert latest, ‘Blood In My Eyes For You’ is dominated by the mandolin and that is definitely not a bad thing. A flat re-treaded song like “Baby Please Do not Go ‘ gets an absolutely fabulous arrangement so you think it’s a brand new song. It rocks all the through the track. Also, in “Death Letter” the song takes on another dimension due to the virtuoso mandolin playing, and likewise for the shuffle ‘Mailman Blues’.

Bert Deivert roamed the streets of San Francisco as a musician, was bandmate and friends with Peter Case there, and relocated in the seventies to Karlstad, Sweden. However, the Mississippi Delta Blues never let him go, and he reveals this with utmost pleasure in ‘Blood In My Eyes For You’. Copperhead Run, made up of Janne Zander (guitar), Per-Arne Pettersson (bass) and Fredrik Lindholm do an exemplary job in defining the overall sound. It is easy to forget that there are two beautiful jewels of Bert Deivert hidden among the song, namely ‘Black Nanny “and” Cuckoo Crowed. He is not one to rest on his laurels, on the contrary.

In ‘Milkcow Blues’ Janne Zander provides a subtle piece of resonator steel guitar playing and also fuels the title track ‘Blood In My Eyes For You’ which raises this infectious rhythm even further. On the final, track ‘Poor Black Mattie’ Bert Deivert hits another beauty and pulls out all the stops. That is reason enough to bring this wonderful, authentic blues album into your home.

Bert Deivert may reside in Sweden, but he’s still drenched in the Mississippi Delta Blues.
Another great release by Bert Deivert. Please promoters, give this man a serious chance at our blues festivals. This is really a blast of an album!

Philip Verhaege