NEW REVIEW Blues Matters – UK

BLOOD IN MY EYES FOR YOU – Bert Deivert & Copperhead Run
There are so many bands around playing the roots Blues trade that it’s easy to miss one that actually does it right and makes you feel the Blues in their soul. Bert Deivert is a new name for me but he plays the Blues as though his soul was born in Mississippi instead of Boston and he has been playing for around 40+ years, now residing in Sweden. A quick look at the song titles is a familiar romp with songs by Big Joe Williams – Baby Please Don’t Go, Son House – Death Letter, a few by Sleepy John Estes and a great version of R.L. Burnside’s Poor Black Mattie, as well as two originals by Deivert.

The sound is fresh and cleaves close to the acoustic spectrum with Deivert playing a National RM-1 mandolin, drummer Fredrik Lindholm playing his Premier Aquarian drumheads with subtlety and quiet urging. Janne Zander plays a 1938 National and a 1951 Gibson ES-125 delivering some sublime slide and Per-Arne Pettersson is credited with Fender bass and foot stomp. Essentially, this is classic Blues played with a great feel for the music and utter respect while changing the sound to suit their capabilities – the result is pretty damn fine although there is little of the character of the musicians in the playing so honestly do they stick to the songs. Son House’s Death letter is a standout with some delightful mandolin slide and Sleepy John Estes’ Milk Cow Blues has a brilliantly jaunty feel to it, but there isn’t a bad number in the set and the leave the listener with a big smile and uplifted heart. – Andy Snipper Blues Matters, UK