PBS National Radio, Melbourne, Australia

In this day and age Blues has evolved to be so different from the formative years in the Southern states of the US. Yes indeed African slaves brought the building blocks that would evolve into Delta, Hill Country, Country, Jug Band, Drum & Fife, Acoustic Blues and others before the great migration took the music north. Chicago electrified the Blues but still at its centre was the tradition of stripped back bare bones Blues. The style trudged all over the south by troubadour itinerant artists looking for a Juke Joint or house rent party to ply their wares. Throughout this time heroes were born that would now be spoken in reverent tones and awe. They had no need for anything elaborate as it was about the music nothing more nothing less. In these formative years the mandolin and banjo reigned supreme before the guitar equalled them for relevancy. Yank Rachell is one master that comes to mind and would have to be a major source of inspiration for every Mandolin player. Bert Deivert is one of these maestro Mandolin exponents and arguably the very best.

To go back to this much simpler times is an extraordinary undertaking as for the musicians there is no place to hide and even though it is simplistic in style it has a certain complexity about it. Deivert is a master musician and a very capable singer who has morphed himself back to a bygone period so well one can be excused for thinking that this was indeed a vintage recording. With a song list of classics Deivert has provided two of his own compositions that fit seamlessly with songs from luminaries as “Big” Joe Williams, Eddie “Son” House, “Sleepy” John Estes, Paul “Wine” Jones, Yank Rachell, The Mississippi Sheiks and R. L. Burnside.

All are well known and loved so the presentation and performance has to be “spot on” and l can honestly say that Bert Deivert and Copperhead Run deliver with a conviction and musicianship that is second to none. Now THIS is how you play the Blues in it’s purest form. No overdubs and blown out amplification, done in a very short time “live”! From Deivert’s release of “Blues Mandolin” through to “Kid Man Blues” the level of genius rises every single time. So much so that Deivert should be spoken in hushed tones of reverence such is his ability to give us the very best Blues. I once wrote “Bert Deivert Is A Master Of His Craft And A Master Of The Blues”. In my humble opinion Bert Deivert and Copperhead Run have risen the bar even higher! Listening to this masterpiece transforms me back in time to a run down cabin sitting on the front porch enjoying some great music and company without a care in the world.

If you love the Blues then this album is the one you need to place it all in context. When it comes to Mandolin Blues Deivert is the ultimate master of the craft. I have sat and sang along with every song albeit rather crudely but as Deivert displays he knows what he is doing. l can at least try and emulate him, after hearing myself maybe l should leave it to him. This is truly a special moment in time to have an album of this calibre. Thank-you Bert Deivert and Copperhead Run.

– Peter Merrett, PBS Radio, Melbourne, Australia
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