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Mona Nylin is a folk singer of our time, acclaimed for her expressive voice and heartfelt songs. Her first CD, an EP of four songs titled “Child of God” (2006) was highly praised in the media. “Groove” music magazine hailed Mona, citing – “A voice that can lift everything”. Swedish TV4 said, “She has a golden throat”, and music blog wrote: “her words bleed poetry”.

The EP took her first to New York City, where she performed at Pianos in Manhattan and other venues in Brooklyn and Queens. Half a year later she started traveling to what would eventually become her second home town, Berlin, Germany. As Mona’s first full-length album was ready to be released, Swedish blog commented: “Mona Nylin is now living in Berlin playing in small bars and cafes, in the underground or directly on the streets. Both Joe Strummer and Violent femmes did the same before penning their immortal classics”.

She released her first full-length album “Presence” in 2011. Berlin was inspiring and during that time she had been watching early videos of Neil Young from the 70’s. It seemed strange that she had never listened to him before, and his music moved her deeply. It was in line with what she wanted to do, sit by the piano, or only use the guitar, taking the stage on her own with just her instruments and her voice. The studio work for the album took her three months to complete, and she played all the instruments (except on the track Den vita staden). Mona also produced the album.

“Presence” received many great reviews, and most of these focused on Mona’s ability to write genuine lyrics, her extraordinary voice, and the raw Neil Young inspired production. The Swedish newspaper Dala-Demokraten wrote:  “Mona Nylin is up there with Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and other great artists of the genre. Music, lyrics, vocals, it´s Mona Nylin and it is the best I have heard in the genre in a long time”. (Scroll down the site for more reviews.)

From Berlin Mona later traveled to Israel, to Tel Aviv, another city she fell in love with. There she appeared at music festivals, clubs and continued her passion of being a street musician.

Settling back in Sweden after years abroad, Mona has just released her second single from her upcoming album. This time it will be a full-length cd focusing on songs in her native language, Swedish.

Mona Nylin – vocals, guitar, piano

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Single Release the 30th of August 2019 – “Du är så vacker”

Listen on Spotify:

Record Company: MN Records
Distribution: Amuse
Musicians: Peter Hallström piano and midi bass
Mix/Mastering: Håkan Fredriksson
Cover Photo: Benjamin Goss
Cover Design: Ann Lundqvist


Single Release the 21st of September 2018 – “Hela vägen hem”

Listen on Spotify:

Record Company: MN Records
Distribution: Amuse
Musicians: Peter Hallström piano, Magnus Lorinius bas violin, Maja Molander cello, Maria Jonsson viola, Emelie Molander violin, Ida Danielsson, violin
String Arrangement: Alfred Lorinius
Mix/Mastering: Håkan Fredriksson
Cover Photo: Benjamin Goss
Cover Design: Ann Lundqvist


One of the best albums (Presence 2011) of the year. Artists like Joel Alme, Lykke Li, First aid kit, Amanda Jensen, Anna Järvinen, Anna Maria Espinosa and Anna von Hausswolff are just some (in a long line) that has made superb albums. And now the debut album by Mona Nylin is here. And the bar is raised one more notch.
– (the Culture Blog) Sweden

Jazzy folk music of that soft and old fashioned kind that was heard in the 1970´s. […] It was such a surprise to discover an artist who makes superb folk rock, so beautiful, so feminine, delicate and skillful music. […] I would say that Mona Nylin owns the world at the moment. – (Swedish e-zine)

Mona Nylin has one hell of a voice and on this debut she uses it well. She works as a musician in Berlin and that experience seems to have affected her strongly. “The Berlin Song” is utterly gorgeous and her shiver-inducing voice is at its most affecting. The tune is simple and unadorned, but her talent shines through. “Coming Back” sees her voice at its most expressive, set against an unrelenting rhythm. It’s powerful musical statement. “Den vita staden” (The White City) is a rare track sung in Swedish and it’s a poetic and sensitive song. As ever Nylin’s vocal presence can carry anything. “Bigger Love” is replete with longing and an almost Janis Joplin-like vulnerability. Nylin is that good. She should have a bright future and this is a fabulous debut. – Lunar Kafé (Swedish e-zine)

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