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Mona is a soul and blues singer at heart. The lyrics are as important to her as the music.

She grabs the audience with an intense guitar groove and a voice that takes them back to the feel of 1930’s blues divas….. and she never lets go.

For years Mona performed in soul- and rock bands while honing her blues skills. Since blues and its predecessors are the basis of modern soul and rock, she wished to adapt a new way of expressing American roots/blues music. She has developed this into a dynamic stage show.

Mona is a popular performer on the Swedish blues scene, appearing regularly at high profile venues, festivals, and hosting blues jam sessions.


Mona Johansson – vocals, guitar
Bookings can be made with her duo or with full band.

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We received “Chased by Shadows” only one day before completion of the movie. The director loved the song and wanted to use it in the end titles. The whole sound and music team worked around the clock to fit it in with the existing music, but there just wasn’t time to do a re-write of the existing score, which would have been necessary to transition to the song in a natural way. We were all disappointed. – Amanda Seward, Executive Producer, Beyond Deceit (a new Hollywood feature film, starring Josh Duhamel, Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino).

We have few female blues singers of the same caliber in Sweden. – Nils Lönnsjö, responsible Åmål Blues Fest, Sweden (2012).

As the host of our open stage jam, she has the ability to create a family atmosphere… and has the rare ability to give old standard tunes a new and interesting life. – Peter Mattesson, St:a Clara Bierhaus, Stockholm.

Upcoming gigs

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Mona Johansson’s concerts are suitable for festivals of many types, since the music she plays encompasses roots, blues, soul and americana. House concerts, churches, blues and folk societies, and live music venues are all suitable. Mona prefers a listening kind of crowd.

We invite you, as a first step, to fill in the form below, so we can get a good idea of your needs and wishes. We will then call or email you back as soon as possible. And we are off on a good conversation!

Feel free to communicate either in English, Swedish or in French! We speak English. Vi talar svenska. Nous parlons Français.


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