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Bert Deivert & Copperhead Run

Bert Deivert & Copperhead RunBert Deivert is one of the top blues mandolinists in the world today. His band together with master Swedish musicians Zander, Pettersson, and Lindholm, is innovative and international, as well as true to the roots of early country blues.

Their music blends folk, jazz, and blues, and pays homage to a blues style and tradition that has nearly disappeared.



Bert Deivert

Bert Deivert is one of the top blues mandolinists in the world today as well as being an accomplished guitarist and powerful singer.

Deivert is no aspiring musician, he has recorded and played with many wonderful musicians in diverse areas of music. Starting with his first LP in 1978, he has recorded 12 albums, as well as working on many others as guest musician.

He is American, but has been based in Sweden for many years, and has played in 23 countries all over the world.



Mona Johansson

Mona JohanssonMona is a soul and blues singer at heart. The lyrics are as important to her as the music.

She grabs the audience with an intense guitar groove and a voice that takes them back to the feel of 1930’s blues divas….. and she never lets go.

Mona is a popular performer on the Swedish blues scene, appearing regularly at high profile venues, festivals, and hosting blues jam sessions.



Mona Nylin

Mona Nylin

A folk singer of our time, acclaimed for her expressive voice and heartfelt songs. Beautiful jazzy folk music.

Music magazine Groove describes Mona with the words “A voice that can lift everything”, National TV4 presents her with the words “She has a golden throat” and muzic.se writes: “it bleeds poetry of her words”.