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Nordic Gigs intends to create a specialized niche in the entertainment world by assembling a core group of very talented and experienced artists in the roots, blues, americana, and folk music genres, based in Sweden. Swedish musicians and artists are recognized around the world as highly creative and talented. They are sought after as hard-working, serious, and devoted to their craft. What many people don’t realize is that Swedes have a great sense of humor, and though serious, they can hold their own as entertainers of the highest quality!

We aim to provide artists that appeal to audiences and promoters around the world, not just in Scandinavian and European countries.

Nordic Gigs has begun by selecting three musicians as their first artists on the roster. We are showcasing new acts and discussing possibilities with some artists at the moment, but we plan to keep this business small and unique. Our vision is to be THE BOUTIQUE agency to come to for soulful music performed by people that believe in what they do, and want to make every performance a night for the audience to remember.

Welcome to Nordic Gigs!

Invitation to Work Together

We would like to invite other booking agencies, management companies, festivals, and venues to join us in starting a collaboration that is non-exclusive and can offer everyone involved a cooperative experience. This experience is aimed at providing artists and venues/festivals a more personal connection with the people they team up with and book.

By combining our resources, we can be much more effective and streamlined than our individual organizations. In today’s music scene, the smaller, and in many instances the more interesting festivals, musicians, and venues are ignored in the belief that audiences want only blockbuster acts in large spaces. We know this is not true.

Audiences are curious, and also wish to discover new music that they can personally identify with and relate to. What better way to do this than to get these great acts out on the road. We aim to do this with fees that are affordable and viable for venues to be profitable and for the artists to be able to make a living while touring.

Join us to share contacts, resources, and artists to make the music scene of today a friendlier and more satisfying experience for all involved.

Listen to our Artists’ Music


  • Mona Nylin’s “My Love” is a pure gift to all. An amazing song. One of those you want to hear again and again.

  • Mona Nylin has one hell of a voice and on this debut she uses it well. “The Berlin Song” is utterly gorgeous and her shiver-inducing voice is at its most affecting.

  • Bert Deivert plays his mandolin so masterfully that it sometimes seems that he was the musical partner of John Estes for years, instead of mandolin man (Yank) Rachell.

  • It is not unusual for a review to conclude with “go see them live,” but “Blood In My Eyes For You” captures Copperhead Run’s live essence so successfully that this time, I would actually advise you to start with the CD – which of course will only make you want to see them in concert so much more.

    Andres Roots
  • Bert Deivert latest, ‘Blood In My Eyes For You’ is dominated by the mandolin and that is definitely not a bad thing. A flat re-treaded song like “Baby Please Do not Go ‘ gets an absolutely fabulous arrangement so you think it’s a brand new song. It rocks all the through the track.

    Philip Verhaege
    Keys and Chords
  • As the host of our open stage jam, Mona Johansson has the ability to create a family atmosphere… and has the rare ability to give old standard tunes a new and interesting life.

Artists’ Albums